GTmetrix for WordPress


For those WordPress users who want a more indepth analysis of their sites, we've created GTmetrix for WordPress - a WordPress plugin that actively keeps track of your WP install and sends you alerts if your site falls below certain criteria.

Run analyses, schedule reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and receive alerts about the status of your site all from within your WordPress Admin!

How does your WordPress blog score?

GTmetrix for WordPress requires a GTmetrix account (it's free!) and utilizes the GTmetrix API.


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GTmetrix for WordPress Tests page
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GTmetrix for WordPress Settings page
Settings page

We're experienced with optimizing high-traffic WordPress platforms. From code-optimizations to managed hosting, we can help even the most demanding WordPress installs run faster and more stable.

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Download GTmetrix for WordPress

GTmetrix for WordPress

This plugin provides in-Dashboard GTmetrix functionality, allowing you to analyze, monitor, and recieve alerts on your WordPress install's speed performance status. It utilizes GTmetrix API points and requires a free GTmetrix acccount.

Still not as fast as you'd like?

It could be your hosting.
We're experienced in optimizing WordPress platforms. From code-optimizations to managed hosting, we can help even the most high-traffic WordPress blogs run faster and snappier.

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Got an Idea for a Feature?

We would love to hear it! GTmetrix for WordPress was developed with the idea that speed optimization should be quick and easy. Let us know your ideas for improvements or features by contacting us.

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