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Tips and Tricks 4 – Download Complete History in CSV Format

A collection of useful tidbits to make GTmetrix a little more convenient and/or useful.


Download a CSV file of your complete report history


Log into your GTmetrix account, and visit the History tab and click on “Download History” on the right hand sidebar.


Depending on your plan, the amount of historical data you can download will vary.

Basic users can download report history up to 1 month from their generation dates.

PRO plan users on any of the Individual plans can download report history up to 6 months while Business PRO plan users can download report history up to 12 months. Enterprise plan users can download report history up to 24 months.

Note that if you have a large amount of historical reports, your download will take a while to generate. You also must be logged into your GTmetrix account to download history.csv files.


URL Suffix Method

You can also add /history.csv to the end of any GTmetrix Report URL in a monitored series and directly download the file.

The CSV file will always contain all historical performance data of that URL’s monitoring history (including the latest data).


What the history CSV includes

Data provided in the CSV includes:

  • Date
  • GTmetrix Grade
  • Performance Score
  • Structure Score
  • First Contentful Paint
  • Speed Index
  • Largest Contentful Paint
  • Time to Interactive
  • Total Blocking Time
  • Cumulative Layout Shift
  • Onload Time (s)
  • Total Size (bytes)
  • Total Requests
  • TTFB (s)
  • HTML Size (bytes)
  • Redirect Duration (ms)
  • Connection Duration (ms)
  • Backend Duration (ms)
  • DOM Interactive (ms)
  • DOM Content Loaded (ms)
  • DOM Content Loaded Duration (ms)
  • Onload Time (ms)
  • Onload Duration (ms)
  • Fully Loaded (ms)
  • First Paint (ms)
  • RUM Speed Index
  • Report Slug
  • YSlow Grade (%)*
  • PageSpeed Grade (%)*

* Legacy reports only


Are you using our history CSV in an interesting way?

Let us know! We have users integrating their history CSV file with Excel graphing, internal tracking tools, Google Drive linking and more.


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