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Sun, Nov 8, 2020 1:45 AM -0800 (via API)
London, UK
Chrome (Desktop) 75.0.3770.100, PageSpeed 1.15-gt1.3, YSlow 3.1.8
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Recommendation Grade Type Priority
Combine images using CSS sprites
F (0)
Images High
Leverage browser caching
F (35)
Server High
Minimize redirects
F (45)
Content High
Defer parsing of JavaScript
E (51)
JS High
Serve resources from a consistent URL
D (67)
Content High
Optimize images
C (75)
Images High
Specify a cache validator
B (81)
Server High
Avoid CSS @import
B (83)
CSS Medium
Serve scaled images
B (88)
Images High
Minify JavaScript
A (92)
JS High
Specify image dimensions
A (94)
Images Medium
Specify a character set early
A (99)
Content Medium
Minify CSS
A (99)
CSS High
Avoid bad requests
A (100)
Content High
Avoid a character set in the meta tag
A (98)
Content Low
Avoid landing page redirects
A (100)
Server High
Enable compression
A (100)
Server High
Enable Keep-Alive
A (100)
Server High
Inline small CSS
A (100)
CSS High
Inline small JavaScript
A (100)
JS High
Minimize request size
A (100)
Content High
Put CSS in the document head
A (100)
CSS High
Prefer asynchronous resources
A (100)
JS Medium

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The recommendations are meant to be generic, best practices; some things will be out of your control (eg. external resources) or may not apply to your page.

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