GTmetrix - Where are we now?

GTmetrix started 4 years ago as a humble speed analysis tool, but since we started out - we've made huge strides in turning it into something much more.

Join us as we recollect some of our most important milestones.

We Analyzed a lot of Sites

Today, GTmetrix analyzes approximately 70,000 websites daily! We've collected some pretty cool details as a result:

The average Page Load Time was 5.1s 5.1s If you were selling something, somebody might have left already!
was the average PageSpeed score (That's a B)
was the average YSlow score (That's a C)
On average, there are 90 resources requested per site.
The average Total Page Size was 1.2MB - downloadable on a floppy disk!

We Worked Quite Hard at it

GTmetrix has a few of its own neat details uncovered while on the job:

We analyzed a total of 10.5 million websites
We downloaded 934 million files (html/css/js, images,
media etc)...
...which is essentially transferring 11 terrabytes worth of website data
We waited 609 days for pages to load

We Worked on a Lot of New Features

From simple site analysis to full-featured diagnostics and monitoring, we grew GTmetrix into a powerful tool. Here's a few more notable new features:

Video Capture

Record your page loads and pinpoint exactly where bottlenecks or stoppages occur. Slow your playback up to 4 times the original speed, or jump to major page load milestones like DNS Resolved, First Byte or DOM Loaded. Get a filmstrip view of your page load too.

Added Chrome Browser Option

In addition to our default Firefox and Android Mobile browsers, you can also test your site with Google Chrome to see how it renders in a WebKit/Blink environment.


Get an alert if your page falls below a certain condition you set! Set numerous conditions based on PageSpeed/YSlow score, Page load time, Total Page size, etc, and get an e-mail notification whenever any are triggered.

Analyze with Mobile

GTmetrix can pass your site through an actual Android device to get real world performance data on your page load. Optimize your site for mobile users and ensure a fast page load time on their devices.

GTmetrix PRO

Get more out of GTmetrix - more monitoring, more saved URLs, more API credits as well as more features like monitoring from remote test locations, white-labeled PDF reports and hourly monitoring.

This is a small portion of the features we've implemented on gtmetrix throughout the years.

Want to see more?

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We Grew to 7 Test Regions

In addition to our default Vancouver, BC test region, we added 12 more servers in 7 different areas around the world to our testing platform to give you a wide geographic reach for analyzing your sites.

See all our test locations here
world map
São Paulo
Hong Kong

We're Planning to be Bigger and Better

...but we want to know a bit about you and how you use GTmetrix. What do you like about it? How can we make it better? Let us know!

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As always, happy optimizing!