The Top 1,000* Sites on the Internet

Here you'll find GTmetrix reports for the Top 1,000 sites on the internet according to Google, updated weekly with full history.

* Google did not list and in their Top 1,000 list; they are included at the bottom of our table. Also, a few of the sites failed to analyze, so it's really the top 975. We're working on it!

Note that this list was made for Google's Ad Planner service, but the list has been discontinued.

Rank URL PageSpeed YSlow Onload Fully Loaded Requests Total Size

Infographic: How much time is wasted on loading unnecessary data?

Wasted Time InfoGraphic We collect a lot of data at GTmetrix - so we were really interested to see how the Top 1,000 sites perform with regards to speed and optimization standards.

We created an infographic that describes how efficient (or inefficient) the top 1,000 sites on the internet were.

Using three basic optimization techniques, it was very suprising to see the amount of bloat we're downloading. If we can imagine the top 1,000 as representative of the entire internet, there is a lot of unnecessary downloading going on!

Our infographic is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek, simplified generalization of our findings, but hopefully it will open some eyes, while providing some laughs!

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