Here is a collection of information we've curated and created to provide you with the essentials to front-end performance optimization.


GTmetrix uses a real browser to load your page in its entirety, and then audits the data using Google Lighthouse. A report is generated containing performance data, insights, and actionable recommendations to address performance issues and opportunities.

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Optimization Guides and Tips

We've created some optimization guides for commonly used software and explained some common optimization questions below:

  • Getting Started Guide

    New to GTmetrix or just want a tour? Here's a collection of resources to help you get the most out of GTmetrix analysis and reports.

    Read our Getting Started Guide
  • WordPress Optimization Guide

    A lot of our users run WordPress as a platform for their site. As a result, we've come up with an optimization guide to ensure that even the most basic WordPress installs are running optimally.

    Read our WordPress Optimization Guide
  • Why is My Page Slow?

    The speed of a page is made up of both Front-end and Server-side components. While your front-end structure may be speedy, the generation of your page (the server-side) also plays an important role in page load times. Read more about how it works and explore possible solutions for a slow server-side.

    Find out why your page is slow
  • Why use a CDN?

    Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) cache resources in servers located throughout the world. This allows users who request a site originating from another region to still experience a relatively fast page load, due to being geographically closer to an edge server. Read more about CDNs in detail and find out whether or not they're right for you.

    Find out why you should use a CDN

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