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Getting Started Guide

Let’s Get Started!

Welcome to GTmetrix! We hope our tool helps you make your site as fast as it can be. Here’s a quick guide to get you on your way to optimization.

1. Analyze a URL

Analyze a URL from your Dashboard.

Click the “Analysis Options” button to get more test features and functions.

You can also use our Bookmarklet to analyze any site quickly and easily from your toolbar!



2. Understand your Report

It’s important to understand the recommendations. They are meant to be generic, best practices; not everything will apply to your site.

Optimizing rules at the top of the list can greatly improve your overall score.



3. Track your Changes

Set up monitoring and let GTmetrix analyze your URL on a schedule. View historical graphs and make notes using the annotation tool to track your improvement.

Click on “Page settings” on the left side, and under “Monitoring”, select your desired testing schedule.


Do More With Your Reports

Use our various tools and options to discover more about your performance issues.

Compare with your Competitors

See how your page performs compared to others.

Click on “Compare to another URL” on the left side in the Report Page and input another URL.

You can compare up to 4 URLs.


View your Performance Around the World

See your page load in 6 different test regions.

Click on “Page Settings” on the left side in the Report Page, select another “Test Server Region”, then save your settings. Re-Test the page. A report will be generated using a server in that region.


Analyze your Site with Android

See your site performance on mobile devices.

Click on “Page Settings” on the left side of the Report Page and under Test Format, select “Chrome (Android, Galaxy Nexus)”, then save your settings. Re-Test the page. A report will be generated using Android!


Get Notified of Slow Performance

Receive an e-mail when something happens.

Click on “Set up an Alert” on the left side in the report page and add conditions to when you want to be e-mailed.

You must have that URL monitored to use Alerts.

Test your Performance Without Ads

See how ads affect your site load.

Click on “Page Settings” on the left side of the Report Page, check “Block ads with Adblock Plus”, then save your settings. Re-Test the page. An analysis will be performed that blocks ads from loading on your site.


You can also activate most of these features from the “Advanced Options” tab in the Analyze field on your Dashboard.

Check out our complete list of features and get the most out of your GTmetrix reports.


Optimization Guides

Why is my Page Slow?

Understand the factors of page load time.

The speed of a page is made up of both Front-end and Server-side components. Read more about how it works and explore possible solutions for a slow server-side.

Find out why your page is slow

Running WordPress?

Plugins, among other things, can slow down your site.

We've come up with an optimization guide to ensure that even the most basic WordPress installs are running optimally.

Read our WordPress Optimization Guide

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Get more out of your GTmetrix reports.

Get more monitored URLs, more analysis features, more API credits and other great features that can take your site performance to the next level.

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