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Getting Started Guide

Uncover performance insights so you can make your site as fast as it can be with GTmetrix.

Here’s a quick list of resources to get you on your way to optimization.


1) Learning the Basics

Start your GTmetrix journey by learning how to navigate the myriad of features offered, understand where you can find different things, and how to properly set up testing.

We break down everything you need to get started with GTmetrix with these guides:

Understand the basics of analysis

Learn the basics of GTmetrix analysis with our in-depth introduction of features, options and test scenarios.

Learn the Basics

Get the essentials with our tours

Learn how to use GTmetrix through our Welcome Tours, located on the Dashboard.

Do the Tours

Which location should I test from?

We explain why location matters when testing your page.

Learn where to test from



2) Understanding the Report

Dive into the basics of reading a GTmetrix Report and how to get performance insights.

Learn specifically about the GTmetrix Waterfall Chart and understand how to interpret your results, including how your GTmetrix results differ from other tools (or your own browser):

Everything you need to know about the GTmetrix Report

Understand the basics of a GTmetrix Report.

Read the Guide

Everything you need to know about the GTmetrix Waterfall Chart

Learn how to use the GTmetrix Waterfall Chart to your advantage with the following guides:

Learn why your GTmetrix results may differ from other tools (or your own browser)

We've written many guides to help you understand why your scores may differ from other tools, your own browser, or even from test to test:



3) Tracking Performance

Learn how to keep track of your site performance over time and extract more value from GTmetrix.

The following guides will guide you on setting up monitoring, configuring Alerts, utilizing History Graphs, and organizing your GTmetrix Reports:

How to set up Monitoring and Alerts

We’ll show you how to set up monitoring and alerts in GTmetrix.

Read the Guide

How to Determine Alert Conditions

Set suitable Alert conditions and thresholds for your monitored page.

Read the Guide

How to Use History Graphs

Learn all the different ways you can use History Graphs.

Read the Guide

How to Organize Reports with Dashboard Filters

Learn how to sort, categorize, and organize your GTmetrix Reports with Dashboard Filters.

Read the Guide



4) Getting Started with PRO

PRO users have access to mobile device testing and Advanced Options for enhanced testing and analysis.

Through these guides, we’ll show you how to get started with your PRO plan and set up your performance analysis like, well…a pro!

Get started with PRO

A walkthrough of all the features as a GTmetrix PRO user.

Read the Guide

How to Test with Mobile Devices

We show you how to set up mobile testing with GTmetrix PRO.

Read the Guide

How to Use Presets with GTmetrix

We show you how to use presets for convenient one-click analysis.

Read the Guide

More PRO Guides

We've written more guides specific to PRO-only features, which are useful for more advanced testing and analysis under different scenarios. Check them out here:


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