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Here’s a quick list of resources to get you on your way to optimization.



1) Learn the essentials with our tours

If you haven’t already done them, the easiest way to get into GTmetrix is through our Welcome Tours, located on the Dashboard.

Do the Tours


2) Understand the basics of analysis

Get to know the basics of GTmetrix analysis with our in-depth introduction of features, options and test scenarios.

Learn the Basics


3) Track and explore your data

Monitoring your URLs for performance is critical – learn why monitoring is so important with case studies and examples here.

Reasons to Monitor


4) Upgraded to PRO?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started with your PRO plan and set up your performance analysis like, well…a pro!

Get started with PRO


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Get more out of your GTmetrix reports.

Get more monitored URLs, more analysis features, more API credits and other great features that can take your site performance to the next level.

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Read our how to guides and optimization explained articles for additional directions for improving your page performance.

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