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How to use Presets with GTmetrix

Save your favourite and most used analysis options in a preset for convenient one-click analysis.

Testing your page in multiple scenarios is key when it comes to optimizing for performance. We’ve made it easier to do so with the introduction of Analysis Presets – available with the Developer Toolkit.


What do Analysis Presets do?

With Analysis Presets, you’re able to save your preferred analysis options into a button. Any combination of options and settings can be turned into a preset.

Presets will be listed in a new dropdown located in the Analyze button on the Dashboard page, or in the Analysis Options dropdown on the Dashboard.


Dashboard Analyze Button now has a dropdown for presets.


Presets can also be selected in the Analysis Options dropdown on the Dashboard.


Presets make it easy for you to test your page with a variety of options pre-selected for your convenience.

You could have presets made for the following options:

  • Test with Adblock
    • Enable Adblock
  • Test in London, UK with Firefox on Cable connection
    • Test location: London, UK
      Browser Option: Firefox
      Connection Throttling: Cable(5/1 Mbps, 30ms)
  • iPhone 6 in Hong Kong, China with 3G connection
    • Simulate Device: iPhone 6/6S/7
      Test location: Hong Kong, China
      Connection Throttling: Cable(5/1 Mbps, 30ms)
  • …or any combination of options!



How to use it

First, you must set up a preset, which is done on the GTmetrix Dashboard.

Expand the Analysis Options – You’ll notice a new Presets dropdown menu with a Default preset selected.

GTmetrix Default will be set as your first preset.


The initial preset will be the GTmetrix Default – 1366×768, Chrome using an Unthrottled connection
. This is the only preset that you cannot delete.

Click New, and enter a name for your preset.

Enter a name for your preset


Select and enable whatever options you wish to analyze with. This also includes Advanced Options like cookies or HTTP authentication credentials, and also any features in our Developer Toolkit; click Save.

Presets show up in the Analyze button or Preset dropdown on the Dashboard


Your new preset is now available in the Analyze button dropdown and preset dropdown!

Analyzing with a preset

There are a few ways to analyze your page with a preset.

1. From the Dashboard with the Analyze button dropdown

Enter a URL and use the dropdown on the Analyze button to quickly test with a preset.


The fastest way to analyze with a preset. Enter your URL, click on the dropdown arrow and select a preset. GTmetrix will start analyzing with your preset options.

2. From the Dashboard with Analysis Options expanded, using the Presets dropdown

You can also select your preset from the Analysis Options dropdown.

A good way to check your options before analyzing. Enter your URL, expand the Analysis Options section, and select a preset.

Your options will change accordingly. Click Analyze to test with your selected preset.

More ways to use Presets

You can also set a default preset for GTmetrix to use for all tests going forward.

Once you set up your presets, visit your User Settings, and select your desired preset to use by default.

Set a preset for GTmetrix to analyze with by default in your User Settings.


Now all your tests will use this preset without you having to select it!



Presets are only available with the Developer Toolkit

GTmetrix Developer Toolkit

The Developer toolkit is included in Bronze, Silver and Gold plans, or you can get it as add-on to PRO Custom plans.

Learn more about the Developer Toolkit »

As a PRO user, you’ll get an enhanced GTmetrix experience with: Priority access for tests, More monitored/saved URLs, Hourly monitoring, Remote location monitoring, and more!

Go PRO and use Presets today!