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Waterfall Chart Updates – Sorting, Filtering by Type/Keyword and Visual Updates

This release brings updates and improvements to the HAR viewer/Waterfall Chart.


Column Sorting

Waterfall Charts now have column headers that can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

Sort by ascending/descending for each columns.

This makes it easy to find large requests by file size or requests from the same domain.

New Filtering Options for Waterfall Chart

We’ve added the ability to filter requests by type using our quick filters.

You can filter requests by HTML, CSS, JS, XHR, Fonts, Images, or Other


This is great for quickly viewing sets of similar types of requests at a glance.

You can also filter requests by keyword – helpful for finding uniquely named requests or requests from a specific third-party.

Find a specific request quickly with keyword filters.


Regular expressions (regex) are also supported by typing regexp: into the keyword filter field.

Match patterns for requests using regex. Here we can use | to search for js or css keywords.


Advanced users can also utilize Firefox Devtools Network syntax to filter on specific request types. See the types of properties you can filter by here: Network request list: Filter by Properties

You can use Firefox Devtools Network syntax on our keyword regex filter.


These new filtering options aim to give you an even more enhanced way to analyze your Waterfall Chart. Still fuzzy on analyzing Waterfall Charts? Read our beginner’s guide on How to Analyze Waterfall Charts.



Updated Visual Design for Waterfall Chart

Along with adding filters and sorting, a slight visual update was done to make styles more consistent, including adjusting some UX with regards to reading a Waterfall Chart.

Updated Waterfall Design


The design of our Waterfall Chart has been largely left unchanged since our last major redesign. Have a look at a few changes here:

Timing bar height change

Adjusted height of timing bars.


Request hover style adjustment

Request hover adjusted to be more consistent.


Request/Response header detail adjustment

Slight adjustment to Request/Response header detail for design consistency.


These tweaks aim to bring the Waterfall Chart more inline with the rest of the design of GTmetrix.



General Changes

  • Adjusted PRO API Credit allotment logic
    Credits refill within 15 minutes upon upgrade now instead of next day.
  • Update to Privacy Policy
    See the change log for more details.


Let us know if you run across any bugs or issues and feel free to tell us your thoughts on Twitter (@gtmetrix) or contact us.


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