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Compare page and Dashboard filter updates

We’ve updated our Compare page with filmstrips and added new Dashboard filters.


Compare page filmstrips added

Comparison pages now include page filmstrips (AKA our Speed Visualization) for each URL.

See a sample comparison here

You can now compare filmstrips (AKA Speed Visualizations) in our comparison feature.

Compare additional reports using the Compare button on a GTmetrix Report page.
Compare your reports with other URLs using the Compare feature.


You can also compare your latest existing reports on your Dashboard by checking off the desired reports.

Check the reports you wish to compare, select Compare report(s) and click Apply.


On the menu above, select “Compare report(s)” and click Apply.

You’ll then be taken to a comparison page with your selected GTmetrix Reports.

If you wish to compare specific existing reports, you can do so by copying the GTmetrix Report URL into the Compare page URL.

Read complete instructions on this here.



New Dashboard filter functionality

Dashboard filters now have tri-state functionality, allowing you to filter reports in a more fine-grained manner. You can cycle through the states by clicking on the checkbox repeatedly.
Tick – A ticked state will filter for GTmetrix reports using the option.

Ticking this checkbox will filter reports with monitoring enabled.

Subtract – A subtract state will filter for GTmetrix reports not using the option.
A subtract state on this checkbox will exclude reports that do not have monitoring enabled.

Empty – An empty state will not filter for GTmetrix reports using the option.
An empty state on this checkbox doesn’t filter for monitored reports.


Let us know if you run across any bugs or issues and feel free to tell us your thoughts on Twitter (@gtmetrix) or contact us.


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