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GTmetrix Team Logins Now Available

We’re happy to release Team Logins for select GTmetrix PRO plans.


Share Your GTmetrix PRO Account With Your Team

It’s been a long time coming, but select plans (Team, Enterprise and Growth*/Champion*/Custom*) now have the ability to add users to their plans and share GTmetrix testing and monitoring capabilities within a team.

* Available as an Add-on for these plans

Get a breakdown below or for details, read our Getting Started with GTmetrix Team Logins guide.


Add Team Members

Share GTmetrix testing and monitoring capabilities with others easily. Add members to your team and designate specific roles based on the level of access desired.


You can now add members to a team and share your GTmetrix plan access.



Send Multiple Alerts

Select multiple Team Members to send Alerts to whenever your page fails conditions you set.

Send Alerts to multiple members on your team.



Assign Individual API Keys

You can generate and assign individual API keys for your Team Members for their own integrations.

Generate individual API keys for your team members.



Other Updates

  • API tweaks and fixes
    • Added searchable/sortable attributes when searching reports
  • Various tweaks and bug fixes
    • Can now delete expired reports on Dashboard


Make Performance a Team Priority

We’ve excited to finally release Team Logins for GTmetrix and help performance initiatives grow within your organization.

Let us know if you run across any bugs or issues and feel free to tell us your thoughts on Twitter (@gtmetrix) or contact us.



Create a Team and Share GTmetrix Access

Invite members to your team and share GTmetrix testing capabilities.

Team logins are available on Team and Enterprise plans and as an Add-on for Growth and Custom plans.

Start your Team Today

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