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More GTmetrix updates and fixes

A quick changelog of our recent changes and updates to GTmetrix.


More Lighthouse updates and fixes

We’ve done various updates and adjustments to our Lighthouse implementation that improves error rates and audit results.

Audit Improvements

  • Fixed issue on “First Contentful Paint” inadvertently modifying duration
  • Fixed issue with timings not matching filmstrip
  • Fixed issue with differences in request count and total page size on Summary tab not matching Waterfall
  • Removed broken preview images for image-based Lighthouse audits



General updates and improvements

More changelog items recently released related to GTmetrix functionality, features, and UX/UI elements.

  • HAR Viewer/Waterfall Chart
    • Fixed incorrectly flagging HTTP/3 connections as HTTP/1.1
  • History
    • Fixed zoom on closely aggregated reports
  • Compare
    • Fixed best/worst highlighting on LCP, TBT, and CLS
  • Additional Payment Support
    • Added new credit card support for: Discover, Diners Club and JCB
  • Added the following CDNs for auto-detection:
    • ArvanCloud


Let us know if you run across any bugs or issues and feel free to tell us your thoughts on Twitter (@gtmetrix) or contact us.


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