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Upcoming Changes to GTmetrix

Learn about important upcoming changes to GTmetrix.

On December 1, 2023, we’ll be introducing some significant changes to GTmetrix:

  • Price increase for all current GTmetrix PRO plans
    • Introduction of Micro Plan ($5/mo)
  • Changes to Guest/Basic usage
    • Login required to generate report
    • Basic account limits

Read on to learn about all the upcoming changes to GTmetrix.



Upcoming Pricing Changes

Increased server and operational costs involved in running the GTmetrix service have required us to adjust prices on all our PRO plans.

Along with this change, we’re also increasing the On-Demand Test limits for our Individual plans (Solo, Starter, and Growth), and introducing a new Micro plan.

On December 1, 2023, GTmetrix PRO plans will see the following changes:

Monthly: $13 ➜ $14.50
Yearly: $128 ➜ $148
On-Demand Tests:
From 175 ➜ 200
Monthly: $25 ➜ $28
Yearly: $255 ➜ $285
On-Demand Tests:
From 200 ➜ 225
Monthly: $50 ➜ $55.50
Yearly: $510 ➜ $568
On-Demand Tests:
From 300 ➜ 350
Monthly: $75 ➜ $85
Yearly: $765 ➜ $870
Monthly: $200 ➜ $225
Yearly: $2,040 ➜ $2,300
Monthly: $530 ➜ $600
Yearly: $5,400 ➜ $6,120



Introducing the Micro Plan (Coming Soon)

We’re introducing a new entry-level Micro plan tier that will give you some of the important PRO features at a reduced price ($5/month or $51/year).

Key features of the new Micro plan include:

  • 25 Weekly On-Demand Tests
  • 1 Daily Monitored Slot
  • 10 Daily API Credits
  • 1 Month Data Retention
  • Mobile Testing
  • Monitoring from 7 Global Locations

The Micro plan will be available on December 1, 2023.


Changes to Guest/Basic usage

In addition to the pricing and plan changes above, we’re also making some significant changes to Guest usage and Basic/Free plan functionality.

Bot and spam abuse on GTmetrix has surged and we’ve been fighting it for what feels like an eternity.

Such activity takes up developer time and server resources that could otherwise be dedicated to real users; combined with increases in operational costs, it has really impacted our bottom line.

Thus, on December 1, 2023, we’ll be implementing the following measures:

  • Users must log in with a validated e-mail to generate reports.
  • Further limits placed on Basic accounts.

This results in a major change to the GTmetrix service by essentially doing away with Guest testing as a non logged-in user, but it is unfortunately necessary to combat undesirable usage of GTmetrix.

We understand these limitations may be restricting for some users, but they are a necessary part of our efforts to ensure we can maintain the quality and reliability of our platform.




In summary, the above major changes to GTmetrix are coming on December 1, 2023.

While we understand these changes may affect some users, they are essential to maintain our platform’s quality and reliability.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

We appreciate your support over the years and hope you continue to trust us with your performance journey.



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