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Get an Alternate View of Your Page Load With Filmstrip

Visualizing how your page loads is a difficult task. HAR files are too technical for some, and video playback is difficult to dissect (often a page goes from a blank screen to a complete page in a split second).

Identify where elements load with filmstrip view.

Filmstrip gives you another way to visualize your page load by generating snapshots of your site load – from the first request to page completion. and can reveal blocks, bottlenecks and any other loading issues.

How to Generate a Filmstrip

View a GTmetrix report with a video created, then click on “Timeline”. Click “Generate Filmstrip”, and GTmetrix will create a frame-by-frame view of your page load.

Filmstrips need to be generated to be viewed.

Filmstrips can only be generated on Reports that have videos created on them – enable the “Create video” option in the Page Settings and “re-test” to create a video.

If a re-test is performed on a report with an existing filmstrip, you’ll need to regenerate the filmstrip.