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Get an Alternate View of Your Page Load With Filmstrip

This article may contain outdated material

The features outlined in this article are still available. However, the content pertains to the legacy version of GTmetrix.

Visualizing how your page loads is a difficult task. HAR files are too technical for some, and video playback is difficult to dissect (often a page goes from a blank screen to a complete page in a split second).

Identify where elements load with filmstrip view.

Filmstrip gives you another way to visualize your page load by generating snapshots of your site load – from the first request to page completion. and can reveal blocks, bottlenecks and any other loading issues.

How to Generate a Filmstrip

View a GTmetrix report with a video created, then click on “Timeline”. Click “Generate Filmstrip”, and GTmetrix will create a frame-by-frame view of your page load.

Filmstrips need to be generated to be viewed.

Filmstrips can only be generated on Reports that have videos created on them – enable the “Create video” option in the Page Settings and “re-test” to create a video.

If a re-test is performed on a report with an existing filmstrip, you’ll need to regenerate the filmstrip.

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