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GTmetrix Bookmarklet – Start a Test from your Bookmarks Bar!

Quickly start a GTmetrix test on any page using our convenient bookmarklet.

The GTmetrix bookmarklet is a snippet of JavaScript that allows you to analyze the performance of the current page with a single click.

Start GTmetrix tests with one-click from your bookmarks bar!

Read on for instructions on how to set it up.



How to set up the GTmetrix Bookmarklet

Here’s how to set up the GTmetrix bookmarklet in a variety of browsers.

Firefox, Safari, Chrome

Simply drag this link onto your bookmarks toolbar: Test with GTmetrix

Drag the above text link into your bookmarks bar.


When you’re on a site you want to analyze, just click on it! A new tab will be created with a GTmetrix test started.

Microsoft Edge

Unfortunately, Microsoft Edge doesn’t provide a simple way to add bookmarklets to the Favorites bar, but here’s a workaround. First, make sure your Favorites Bar is enabled.

Enable the Favorites bar in Settings.


Then, favorite this page by clicking on the star button in the address bar. Rename the favorite to “Test with GTmetrix” and be sure to Save in the “Favorites Bar”.

Rename the favorite and save it in “Favorites bar”


You’ll see your new favorite in the Favorites bar. Right-click on this link here: Test with GTmetrix and click “Copy link.”

Right-click on “Test with GTmetrix” and click Copy link.


Then right-click on the “Test with GTmetrix” favorite you created earlier, and click “Edit URL.” Paste the URL you copied from the above link, and press Enter on your keyboard.

Right-click on the Favorite, click “Edit URL”, and paste the bookmarklet URL. Hit Enter on your keyboard when complete.


Click on the bookmarklet when you’re on a site you want to analyze.

Internet Explorer

Ensure that your Favorites toolbar is enabled, then right click on the following link and click “Add to Favorites.”: Test with GTmetrix

Right click on “Test with GTmetrix” and click Add to favorites.


GTmetrix’s bookmarklet contains JavaScript, so you will receive a security warning; click “Yes” to continue.

Move your bookmarklet to the IE Favorites Toolbar and click on it when you’re on a site you want to analyze.



Give it a try today!

Let us know if you run across any bugs or issues and feel free to tell us your thoughts on Twitter (@gtmetrix) or contact us.

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