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Outage Update (Dec 2022)


12/15/22 @ 10:23 AM- Monitoring enabled
12/15/22 @ 3:15 PM- API + GTmetrix for WordPress plugin confirmed working
12/15/22 @ 3:26 PM- Export History – Link to CSV file confirmed working
12/15/22 @ 3:45 PM- PDF Report Downloads confirmed working
12/16/22 @ 3:07 PM- E-mail related features semi-working; sporadic deliverability issues
12/16/22 @ 6:25 PM- Real mobile device confirmed working
12/19/22 @ 10:01 AM- E-mail related features confirmed working.
12/22/22 @ 2:31 PM- Cloudflare challenged removed.

An update on our outage.


A of 10:31PM PST on Wednesday, Dec 14, 2022, GTmetrix service was partially restored and is holding stable.

Select features may be are currently unavailable at this moment to ensure continued stability.


What’s Currently Available

The core GTmetrix testing modes and features are up and running. This includes:

  • On-Demand Tests
    • All test locations are currently available and working at near-full capacity.
    • You may initially see some queues as we ramp back up; this should stabilize soon.
    • As a courtesy to all users, we’ve reset your Weekly On-Demand Tests to zero.
  • Monitoring
    • Monitored tests have been reactivated as of this post.
    • You may be missing some report history (depending on your monitoring frequency) due to the outage.
    • Note that GTmetrix Alerts are not working at this moment (more on this below).
  • API
    • Both our API versions (v0.1 and v2.0) are intermittently functional.
    • We are aware of Cloudflare challenges affecting API integrations for some users; we are looking into this and will provide an update when we have more details.
    • API tests that were launched during our outage would have failed, but not consumed any of your account’s API credits (i.e., your API credits should be intact).



What’s Currently Not Available

Some GTmetrix features and functionality are not currently available. These include:

  • E-mail related features: Features that rely on emails are currently unavailable, such as:
    • Alerts for Monitored Pages
    • The Weekly Digest
    • Forgot Password e-mail
    • Validation Emails
    • Confirmed working now
  • Real mobile device
    • Our Chrome (Android, Galaxy Nexus) mobile device is currently unavailable for testing.
    • We recommend switching to Simulated Device testing in the meantime while we work to restart the real hardware device
    • Confirmed working now
  • PDF Report Downloads
    • Report generation has been disabled at the moment.
    • This applies for API calls as well.
    • Confirmed working now
  • Export History – Link to CSV file
    • You can still obtain a link to the CSV file, however, your integrations may not work as expected due to a change in configuration at our end.
    • Note that our Download CSV file option works fine.
    • Confirmed working now
  • GTmetrix for WordPress plugin
    • New tests/re-tests cannot be launched at the moment.
    • Confirmed working now


You’ll also notice that currently we’ve enabled a Cloudflare challenge to authenticate you as a real-user before you can access GTmetrix. We will remove this in the near future.

We know this outage was disruptive (it was especially to us) so we appreciate the support and patience we’ve seen from our users while we weathered this storm.

We are continually monitoring our logs and teams are working through the night to restore full functionality over the coming days.

If you run across any other unexpected bugs or issues, please let us know.

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