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Rate Limiting for PDF and History CSV Downloads

We’ve introduced rate limiting for PDF report generation and History CSV downloads to curb abuse and ensure capacity.


Generating PDFs and History CSVs are resource-heavy operations that require our servers to render potentially detailed and extensive PDF versions of GTmetrix reports, or process thousands of points of report history data into a CSV file.

To ensure capacity for all, we’ve introduced rate limiting for these operations for Basic and PRO users.


Rate Limits

Accounts are limited to the following when generating PDF reports or downloading History CSV files:

  • Basic – 5 PDF or History CSV downloads every 5 minutes.
  • PRO – 20 PDF or History CSV downloads every 5 minutes.


Number of records for CSV downloads

Depending on your plan, History CSV files will be limited to the following number of records:

  • Basic – 200
  • PRO – Legacy plans – 5,000
  • PRO – Micro plans – 2,000
  • PRO – Individual plans (Solo, Starter, and Growth) – 6,750
  • PRO – Business plans (Champion and Team) – 13,500
  • PRO – Enterprise plan – 27,000

Records will be ordered from latest reports going back.


What happens if you run into a 429 Rate Limited error page?

If you run into this error, you’ll have to wait the aforementioned time or up to 5 minutes before you can generate more PDFs or download additional History CSV files.

PRO users can generate more PDFs and download more History CSVs; Basic users are encouraged to upgrade to PRO if you require more of these features.

If you’re on a PRO plan and require increased PDF/History CSV download rates, contact us.


You can read more about the new GTmetrix platform and other associated changes in the following articles:



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